We provide you with a number of free programs for download. Please note that there is no warranty for this software.


This program converts (almost) every unit into another. You specify the value to be converted with its unit and select the desired new unit from a list or specify it directly. UNIFORM will immediately calculate the converted value!
Download installation archive (1.8 MByte)


This auxiliary program converts the concentration (load and ratio) into mass- and mole-streams. You specify the components by their chemical formula and one of the four possible compositions (molar fraction, mass fraction, molar ratio, mass ratio) and CONFORM calculates the molar mass from the chemical formula and determines the respectively missing compositions and also the standard density.
Download installation archive (1.8 MByte)


This data collection makes material resistances (plastics, stainless steel, ceramics) available for a wide range of media at various concentrations and temperatures. This is the compilation of manufacturer data sources.

Download installation archive (1.8 MByte)