Regular webinars are dedicated to one topic at a time. The basics of design types (trays and internals) are described, as well as the procedure for calculation in TrayHeart.

All licensees can participate in these webinars. For subscribe / unsubscribe to invitaion maillist please mail to webinar@welchem.com

For special training requests, company-specific webinars can also be set up.

Our webinar schedule

Sieve Trays (Jan 2022)

Float Valve Trays (Feb 2022)

Downcomers Part 1 (Mar 2022)

Downcomers Part 2 (Apr 2022)

Random Packings (May 2022)

Bubble Cap Trays (Jun 2022)

New Features Version 4.4 (Sep 2022)

Fixed Valve Trays (Oct 2022)

Chimney Trays (Nov 2022)

Structured Packings (Jan 2023)

Downcomers Part 1 (Feb 2023)

Downcomers Part 2 (Mar 2023)

Tunnel Trays (Apr 2023)

Distributors Part 1 (May 2023)

Distributors Part 2 (Jul 2023)

New Features Version 4.5 (Nov 2023)

Sieve Trays (Jan 2024)

Float Valve Trays (Feb 2024)

Baffle Trays (Mar 2024)




Dualflow Trays (not yet scheduled)

Intakes (not yet scheduled)

Droplet separation (not yet scheduled)