The design and calculation results can be displayed as table and graphically. All printouts can be supplemented with your own company logo.

The language (German or English) as well as the unit set used (SI, US, adapted SI, user-specific) can be set for all outputs.

Main screen

The main screen shows all important results of a calculated stage. At first glance, the set of values shown there is very large. The arrangement, character set and color scheme helps for orientation: blue values show warnings, red error messages. Bold values represent inputs; otherwise, these are calculated values.

The results are organized into logical groups (depending on the calculated tray type). In a LOG list, calculation messages (warnings, limits, additional information) are specified.

3D graphics

All designs are displayed as interactive 3D graphics. This graphic is scalable, rotatable and zoomable and provides a good guide to practicability. In addition to the visual assessment, the representation of neighboring stages gives hints about problems with accessibility and assembly.

All parts are shown in a list with main dimension and weight.

Result graphs

Different graphic evaluations are available

  • Operation diagram
  • Liquid distributor characteristic (liquid level vs. load)
  • Valve characterisitc (multi-weight valve trays)
  • Liquid distributor quality
  • Hydraulic gradcient (Bubble cap trays)

Profile graphs

Entire columns can be calculated in the profile mode. Flow profiles, pressure drop profiles, load profiles, ... can be plotted vs. column height (elevation).

These graphics are also available on the main screen as well as for printout.


Different printout options are available: In the so-called customer printout, the important input and calculated values (depending on the type of installation) are included. In the overall printout, the detailed data for a design will appear.

For profile calculations, tabular and graphical outputs are available, also the 3D representation and the specific evaluations can be printed.

Summary output (Reports)

The individual printouts can be bundled to a summary output (report). A report can be created by corresponding additional pages (title, table of contents, calculation models, ...). The structure of this summary output is stored in the calculation file and can be - e.g. after revisions - generated again easily.

Export of results

The input and calculated values can be saved as a file export (ASCII) or can be exported to Excel.

3D tower graphics

The structure of a complete column can be defined in the profile mode. The column structure is created by assigning the designs to the stages of the stream profile. By assigning the nozzles and their position (orientation, elevation), the position or collisions between the internals and the nozzles (sensors, feeds, ...) can be seen immediately in the 3D view. Since the nozzle table can be imported, revisions can be easily checked during the project progress.