The intake of gas or gas/liquid into the column can take place in different systems, depending on the volume flow and phase proportion of the liquid. In TrayHeart, simple V-Baffles, pipe inlets ("spargers") and vane type inlet systems ("Schoepentoeter") can be calculated.


The V-Baffle divides the inlet stream in two parts. All dimensions of the baffle can be defined in detail.

Vane Type Inlets

Vane Type Gas Inlets are used for large columns and large feed nozzles. These components, also known as "Schoepentoeter" (Shell) and "EvenFlow" (KochGlitsch), can be designed with TrayHeart in detail.


Feed pipes can be perforated or have large openings ("half-pipe"). TrayHeart calculates the pressure losses in the line caused by the feed.

For multi-phase feeds, different hole sizes can be specified and shrouds can be defined.

To feed liquid to center / off-center downcomers or to parting boxes of liquid distributors, the openings in the pipe are sometimes equipped with additional down pipes.