TrayHeart deals with several databases. They contain material, packing, contact element and check information:

The database for movable valves includes the conventional and historical designs (for recalculating existing systems): Round and rectangular as well as caged valves in different dimensions of the known manufacturers. 3D graphics are available for the elements.

The FixedValve database includes the configurations of the fixed valve: round (e.g., VG0 and VG10) or trapezoidal (e.g., MVG and MMVG) elements, as well as covered openings (such as ProValve).

The dimensions and design of the skirts of bubble caps as well as their risers are stored in this database (user can add new data sets).

The proprietary design database contains elements which can not be specified as a cage valve or bubble cap such as Varioflex, Bayer Flachglocke). A 3D representation is available for these designs.

More than 300 elements from a wide range of manufacturers are available in the random packing, structured packing and grids database. Many of the entries support a 3D graphics of the component and a photo.

Standard designs of distributors are stored in the distributor database (freely expandable). Using these templates, distributors can be quickly designed.

Queries are stored in the check database, which are used to check results. This allows the user to incorporate his own KnowHow and to link notifications and error messages to corresponding (design-specific) conditions.

The program is also supplied with a comprehensive internal database for check queries. These queries always run in the background and mark critical values.

The materials database contains about 50 materials with their physical parameters (modulus of elasticity, yield strength, ...). These material data is the basis for the strength and vibration calculation.

In the wire mesh database, material parameters (wire mesh density, material, wire diameter) from different suppliers are listed. This data is the basis of the droplet separator calculation.